One of the best experiences I have had working with a consulting firm especially in terms of value for our investment. I look forward to using them again.

Micheal Burch

Managing Partner Welch & Company (Ottawa)

Venture Catalyst Services

Investor Preparation & Networking


Defining the right path to financing

For venture-backed companies at all stages, a major focus of activity is on getting the right amount of capital, at the right time, with the right investors and the right terms. Today’s investors need to see high scores on the fundamentals of management, market and product before they will finance an early-stage technology company. That’s where we can help.

We work closely with your existing team and investors to define the right path to financing. First we assess your company's technology, market and management strengths and determine if you match our domain experience and network of investor contacts. We then assess and prioritize the "gaps" in your investment story, to finally develop and articulate your plan that aligns with the the following investor criteria:

Strategic Fit           
Does the company's technology, value proposition and market differentiation fit with the investor profile?

Value Add     
Is there an opportunity for the investor to bring additional value to the company through distribution channels, references, technical or market expertise?

Strong Management Team
Does the management team have a solid track record, sector expertise and a proven ability to deliver results?

Market Opportunity     
What is the size and growth rate of the market being addressed by the opportunity?

Strong Exit Potential
What are the likely exit scenarios and timeframes for shareholders?

Unique Technology      
Are there proprietary intellectual property and patents on the technology or business processes? Is the technology secure, reliable and scalable?

Competitive Differentiation
Can the company implement barriers to entry for competitors through patents, quick time to market or other means? Is the proposed marketing strategy executable?

Financial Considerations
Is there a practical business model? What are the potential investment returns? What is the total investment required to reach profitability and investor liquidity?
We are committed to developing a capital strategy that works for your existing investors and maximizes your future potential for growth and shareholder value. To ensure you are best prepared for the due diligence process by investors we provide services which include:

  • Assessment of management talent and future requirements

  • Market and technology research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Validation of market assumptions and business model

  • Strategic planning

  • Product management and category mapping

  • Developing a technology roadmap

  • Partnership strategies

  • Customer acquisition strategy

  • Sales channels, sales process and sales revenue forecasting

  • Financial projections

  • Developing key milestones

  • Estimating capital requirements

  • Executive presentation skills coaching - "elevator testing"

Over the years, we’ve developed a winning approach to refining business plans and presentations to make them investor ready. Our experience includes assisting companies in preparation for financing rounds ranging from seed capital to “Series C.” Through our network in Canada and the US, we can also provide introductions to our personal and extended partner network of angel and venture capital investors.

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