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Moving from yesterday’s “tin-men” to today’s "sales strategists"

Team performance gaps, lost deals, inaccurate forecasting and poor execution of competitive strategies in the field, are just some of the issues that lead to sales management frustration. We understand hiring, coaching and retaining a high-performance salesforce is a difficult job – especially in markets where the sales process is complex. That’s why our sales management training programs establish a solid foundation to support the on-going development, communication and implementation of sales strategies and tactics necessary to meet your corporate forecast.

We believe that managing your salesforce for optimal performance has a lot to do with examining both the leaders and laggards in your salesforce and channel network. They both provide valuable clues on how your company can improve its sales performance. Our salesforce audits are designed to provide our clients with an objective, comprehensive view of an organization’s direct and channel sales management process.

First we identify the key breakpoints in the marketing and sales process that lead to lost sales opportunities and profits. Next we look at where the talent gaps are within the salesforce. We look at areas such as sales techniques; technical and product solutions proficiency; customer knowledge; competitive knowledge; time management; and territory management. With this information, we then generate a comprehensive report on all evaluated salespeople and their mangers, which includes suggested areas for improvement. We also focus on the design of sales tools and selling systems that enable your salespeople to more quickly qualify leads, report progress more clearly, identify up-sell/cross-sell opportunities and close more business.

We focus on developing high performance teams made up of sales strategists. A key building block we use to accomplish this is the Contextual Customer Conversations™ (C3) framework. This framework has been developed using some of the best elements of leading sales systems that Riverdale Partners has studied and implemented with clients. It's based on the core premise that to sell complex products and services requires the support of marketing in the sales process. Marketing needs to be closely interconnected to the sales process which in our view is really a series of marketing and sales touch-points (conversations) over time.

One example of this interconnection is sales materials that adapt product use-cases that are mapped to various constituents within the buying organization. This understanding of the key customer points of pain experienced at all levels and functions within the buying organization is then overlaid against specific product solutions. The results of our C3 process have proven far more powerful than many of the outdated “white shoe” sales training approaches put on by motivational speakers that more superficially try to address sales issues with canned techniques.

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