Riverdale Partners really helped us sharpen our value proposition & messaging in conjunction with our equity financing and venture capital investor interactions.

Lance Laking

CEO BTI Photonics (Ottawa)

Our Philosophy

Our clients are typically engaged in selling complex products and services in highly competitive B2B markets – and they have aggressive growth targets. Riverdale was formed to help these companies connect with experienced on-demand strategic planning, product marketing and sales management resources who can execute on a project-oriented basis. Riverdale Partners brings together an unparalleled combination of domain focus, technical expertise, systems thinking and global operational experience. All of this is bound by a shared operating philosophy that focuses on six major elements:

The platform for strategic direction and thought leadership

"Seek to understand then to be understood." This axiom sums up our philosophy towards research before setting a course and increasing speed. The best companies today continually seek to better understand the people they are trying to reach – customers, channels, analysts, media or employees. We are well versed in designing and implementing focused research that helps our clients develop and communicate new products that help them outpace their competition.

Structured Thinking
Providing an environment for breakthrough ideas

In any industry we believe that not all the best ideas are taken. But they often are found outside the box. Our research and brainstorming techniques provide the framework for applying new ways to think about the business problems you are trying to solve with your products and services. First we help our clients find the unoccupied market space. Then we show them how to own it.

Ensuring actionable project scope

We don't just dispense advice to our clients. We develop focused, actionable marketing and sales projects in conjunction with your company executives and other stakeholders. And we stay on board as long as you require to work the plan.

Integrated Execution
Achieving a result greater than the sum of the parts

Efficiently managing all of the elements of the marketing mix is one of the more complex challenges for companies today. We believe it is critical that all the elements of your marketing plan such as media channels and customer contact strategy are aligned in a way that delivers maximum impact and efficiency for your business.

The key to better marketing/sales management

An important step in ensuring your success is making sure that each project begins with the end clearly in mind. Our project plans clearly outline how your company will be able to measure its success. This is simply the feedback you require to make better marketing and sales decisions.

Knowledge Transfer
Enabling scalable growth

While our primary goal is to provide focused intervention, we understand the need for companies to invest internally in their own sales and marketing resources as they grow. We work to transfer our systems and skills to your internal staff. We understand that teaching your people to fish for themselves is essential to long-term success.