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The Overlap 'unconference' finds elusive balance

What do you get when you bring together renowned academics, design/usability gurus and captains of industry? Something quite wonderful actually. It's called 'The Overlap' and I had the pleasure of attending this recent gathering on the shores of beautiful Lake Couchiching a few months ago.

Overlap conference organizers, Michael Anton Dila and Robin Uchida, also invited me to present an overview of the MaRS story. A video of this presentation and others from speakers including strategy guru Michael Raynor, Roger Martin (Dean of the Rotman Business School), Dave Gray (Founder of the visual thinking agency Xplane) and Alex Manu (Founder of the Beal Institute) have been posted this week to the official conference site at

By design, this collective of very smart, socially aware people has generated an energy that far exceeds the sum of its parts. In fact, you could argue that this organization is fast becoming a movement, bringing people together from fields as diverse as finance, product design, business strategy, customer research, innovation, general management and marketing.

So what exactly do these people talk about when they get together? Click here to find out.

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