One of the best experiences I have had working with a consulting firm especially in terms of value for our investment. I look forward to using them again.

Micheal Burch

Managing Partner Welch & Company (Ottawa)

Go-To-Market Planning

Product Launch

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Achieving a market impact that’s greater than a sum of parts

Marketing budgets being what they are, you often have to get it right the first time when launching your product. However, contrary to the classic marketing approach, we believe less is more. Generating extraordinary results is not about producing a mountain of collaterals. Why? Most of your best sales prospects don’t have time to learn anymore. The most attractive customers are suffering a relentless bombardment of new product and service offers, many of them touting new and improved features. To counter this market fatigue, we develop product launch plans that employ an "outside in" approach starting with a careful analysis of your target market segments and company sales processes. Then we optimize various marketing channels to deliver the most market impact for your budget.

To compliment your overall product plan, Riverdale Partners can create a structured go-to-market launch plan that includes goals, launch checklist, detailed timeline, milestones and budget. Deliverables include all of the marketing materials and sales tools, marketing programs, PR, advertising and any other activities that will be undertaken to promote your solution – both internal corporate promotion and external. We will also work within the client organization to put together a cross-functional team that is committed to the plan, timelines and checklist. Additionally, as necessary, we will play the role of C-level “champion,” or sponsor to ensure proper visibility within the sales organization and the rest of the company.

Lead Generation

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Taking a media neutral approach

We’re not an ad agency. This allows us to take a more refreshing, non-traditional (media-neutral) approach to developing direct marketing and promotional media strategies for your product. We have experience in developing integrated, high ROI campaigns which include media such as personalized email, banner ads, search engine (keyword) placement, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and offline initiatives such as direct mail, tradeshows and promotional events. Utilizing our network of best-in-class agencies and creative freelancers, we can architect and execute promotional strategies that creatively differentiate your product and deliver the right customer leads. We can also work with your existing agencies as you wish to ensure continuity with other marketing and corporate programs you may have underway.

We know how to cost-effectively generate demand for clients. Our programs are designed to optimize the lead generation process by considering key elements such as optimizing site navigation and online forms. Site navigation is one of the critical components to lead generation. Leveraging sales funnel analysis as a diagnostic tool, Riverdale can pinpoint confusing or unsatisfying navigation and content that limits performance.

We also understand that online lead generation is only one step in the customer acquisition process. Our clients sell complex solutions that require customer education. So they often rely on their direct sales force to manage the customer interactions. Unfortunately, once the lead is passed to a sales force automation (SFA) tool, marketers often lack the necessary metrics and infrastructure to tie those generated leads to final sales conversion. That’s why Riverdale Partners has partnered with, the leading outsourced salesforce automation platform. Through this partnership, Riverdale clients using can effectively close the loop between online lead generation and customer conversions through the use of specialized reports and dashboards that we can build within the platform. This “closed loop analysis” reporting enables clients to more clearly see the actual value of leads generated and allocate marketing budget towards campaigns that generate the best sales results.

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