CleanTech Practice

Not so long ago, saying that our planet’s water, air, soil and the species that they support were all under unprecedented threat would have made you a tree-hugger. But with the human footprint on the planet continuing to grow, and renewed signs of the imminent threat, businesses have finally embraced the idea too, although with a twist: they use the power of markets to effect change. Turns out it’s much more effective.

From GENERATION-SIDE TECHNOLOGIES such as water filtration and renewable energies to CONSUMPTION-SIDE TECHNOLOGIES such as green buildings, transportation and appliances, as well as INTERMEDIATING TECHNOLOGIES, such as smart grid, supporting information technologies, and even new environmental finance offerings, all clean technologies are on a hypergrowth trajectory.

Over the years, we’ve helped an array of companies turn DEEP TECHNOLOGIES INTO COMMERCIAL BLOCKBUSTERS, in IT, telecom and now the cleantech space, too. We’ve recently added expert talent to our pool of consultants and structured a practice dedicated to the business needs of cleantech companies.

Recent Projects

Publicly traded solar technology company operating in Germany, Italy and Spain
Solar Industry – International Expansion, Strategy & Marketing

The client, a medium-sized solar power company with operations in Germany was looking to establish a solid growth strategy to strengthen its growth and penetrate other markets. The project included developing a new positioning strategy and establishing a new marketing profile in key segments.

The project included developing an international market research study, including identifying and managing primary (focus group) research; preparing and completing a scoring model to determine priority market segments and approach scaling marketing operations in Germany and Italy.

ARRX - Green Building Material Company operating in North America
Green Building Technology – Brand, Marketing & Customer Loyalty Program

ARXX is a mid-sized Canadian manufacturer of environmentally friendly building technology needed to re-position their offer to effectively benefit from increased demand for ‘green’ building products. The project involved working closely with the company’s CEO and leadership team to support an aggressive North American expansion coincident with a Series-B financing round from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nth Power and Emerald Technology Ventures. The subsequent efforts involved developing a new marketing strategy and brand for the merged company allowing it to clearly convey its new value proposition and create an extensible platform to support proposed new acquisitions in the greenbuild category.

Riverdale Partners researched the market to help in the development of the marketing and customer loyalty strategy, as well as the development of a new brand positioning. The activities included analyzing customer data and market research, conducting an employee survey, managing internal stakeholders, developing buyer personas and creating a new positioning and communications framework. As part of the branding component of the project, Riverdale created a new brand identity and corporate style guidelines, a new website design and sales channel materials.

Practice Consultants

Mark Dietrich

Mark Dietrich brings 25 years experience in technology-intensive B2B businesses, from telecommunications and new media to information technology, systems integration, e-commerce and R&D. Before joining Riverdale Partners, Mark provided executive leadership to five US and two Canadian organizations, with a focus on creating and delivering new products for emerging niche markets. Mark’s forte is defining the unique selling propositions of each company he helps and leveraging those unique characteristics to create leadership in rapidly growing markets.

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